The Plough Arts Centre

Yesterday, I was at the Plough Arts Centre in historic Great Torrington with one of our writers, Helen. We went to see Jenni Murray but Helen can say more about that.

I just wanted to say how wonderful the Plough (originally a merchant’s house) is – wish Bude had an equivalent. It is a vibrant centre for the arts and continues to provide wonderful exhibitions and shows at very reasonable prices. It is just a shame it is so far away. Dartmouth also has an arts centre, and it is something I feel needs to flourish more around our area. The Plough is 44 years old this year, according to its website. Brilliant foresight.

The mission statement says it all:

The Plough Arts Centre provides exciting opportunities for all people to experience a wide and vibrant range of high quality arts events both as audience and participants. Through creative partnerships the Plough Arts Centre is a welcoming and dynamic venue for artistic expression and education, responsive to the needs of the local community and a beacon for the arts across North Devon – visible and valued throughout the South West.

From our stunning rural setting we offer a varied and exciting programme of arts events and activities. We aim to entertain, inspire, educate and challenge in equal measure. Our packed annual programme includes film, live events, exhibitions, workshops and educational outreach for people of all ages, interests and abilities. We think we are ‘the largest arts centre in the smallest town’ and we know our positive impact is felt across the region.

It is dynamic, creative and valued locally. There is so much to check out, it is worth a drive. It is an exciting space/place, home to theatre, film, talks, music, and art exhibitions. It has a cafe with decent food, at sensible prices and again a creative buzz. I must make the effort to go more often.


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