Second fine for repeat anti-social behaviour offender

In recent months, Torridge District Council’s Community Safety Team in partnership with Devon & Cornwall Police have once again been dealing with ongoing reports of anti-social behaviour within the community of Petrockstowe by a local resident.
The police first became involved with the resident, a Mr Barnes, in September 2018 when he was reported for using intimidating words and threatening behaviour towards local residents. At the time, he was served with an anti-social behaviour warning letter regarding his actions. However, Mr Barnes’ pattern of behaviour continued and as a result proceedings against him were escalated, and the Council served a Community Protection Notice on him in July 2019, which is a formal Notice served under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014. The Notice required Mr Barnes not to engage in any anti-social behaviour towards any of the residents in Petrockstowe.

Despite this formal intervention Mr Barnes’ unacceptable behaviour carried on and he was consequently summoned to appear at Barnstaple Magistrates Court in November 2019 for breaching the Community Protection Notice. At the hearing he was found guilty of 4 breaches of the notice and was fined a total of £1,275.

Unfortunately, despite his court appearance and large fine, once again Mr Barnes continued with his aggressive behaviour. Following a further comprehensive joint investigation by the Police’s Torrington Neighbourhood Policing Team and The Council’s Community Safety Team he was summoned, this time to appear before Exeter Magistrates Court in June 2020, for further breaches of the Community Protection Notice. Mr Barnes failed to attend numerous court hearings and eventually Barnstaple Magistrates Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

Ian Barnes was arrested on Monday 16th November 2020 and appeared before Exeter Barnstaple Magistrates Court via video link. He was found guilty of further breaches of the Community Protection Notice and on sentencing was ordered to pay £800 for the breaches, £640 in costs and an £80 victim surcharge, making a total of £1,520.

Councillor Philip Hackett – Lead Member for Health, Wellbeing and Community Safety said:

“Anti-social behaviour can be very traumatic for neighbours and residents on the receiving end and its something that will not be tolerated in Torridge. We do not take Court action lightly but clearly Mr Barnes has a long history of ignoring advice and previous direction from the courts. These significant fines together with previous decisions now total £2,795 and we very much hope that Mr Barnes is now persuaded to act more thoughtfully, otherwise we will see him in Court again.”

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