Learn to read with Read Easy, Barnstaple

Do you know someone who can’t read? Well, they’re not alone, as 7% of adults in England never learned to read at school. But it’s never too late to learn.


What does not being able to read mean in practice?

Things many of us take for granted are a struggle. Reading is not necessarily about reading books, but simply reading enough to make life easier. If you can’t read:

  • It’s a struggle to help your children with their homework.
  • Road signs and timetables are unintelligible
  • Following a recipe is difficult, as is shopping
  • Letters, emails and social media are hard to access, and so on …

Read Easy Barnstaple is a local volunteer group who will provide people who wish to learn to read with a volunteer coach to help them 1 to 1. They also provide special reading manuals to work through and a comfortable place to meet. You will not be judged but you will be helped to learn this empowering skill.

For any adult who wants to learn to read or who struggles with their reading, this wonderful scheme allows people to work at their own pace with no pressure.

If you are a fluent reader and want to help others to learn, then the charity is also keen to talk to you.

Contact Penny Maisey 07471 332096 or penny@readeasy.org.uk for further info.



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