Hats Off to HATS for another great performance!

Congratulations to Holsworthy Amateur Theatrical Society for a brilliant performance of ‘Tell Tale Murder’ at HATS Theatre on Thursday evening last week.  I have reviewed several of their shows and I am always so impressed initially by the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into setting ‘the scene’ with their theatrical stage sets! This may be an Amateur Dramatic Society but they are so good with costumes as well.

The story was intriguing and the audience was led along a path (literally) and kept guessing regarding what happened right up to the very end.  The scene was set in the living room of ‘Porthenis’ the home of Jane Mannion on the coast of Cornwall somewhere. The lead role was performed admirably by Diane Sluggett who played a woman besieged by her troubled past and the disappearance of her husband played by Ken Tyrell, a somewhat controlling and malevolent man.  Vanessa, Jane’s daughter was played by Elizabeth Hobbs (who also has a beautiful singing voice as many will know).  Howell, played by Grant Fulcher, was also central to the tangled plot and those kisses did look realistically full of passion.

David Mannion (Jane’s son) was played by John Dixon and David’s fianceé Maureen was played by Becky Gear.  Maureen’s concerned (and quite rightly so it turns out) father was played forcefully by Dave King who was not going to be duped by the seemingly guilty Jane Mannion.  The last mention must go to Lesley Wonnacott who played Ellen and as the last performance has been played, I can’t spoil the show by giving away that the surprise ending which depended very much on her part in the mystery.

A very enjoyable evening once again and we are so lucky to have this little theatre in our local area and to have such an enthusiastic Amateur Theatrical Society entertaining us throughout the year!  Check out what’s coming next either on their website or on their Facebook page.

Well done to everyone, the cast of actors, the production team and front of house, as always!


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