Drug dealer from Tavistock sentenced

From Devon & Cornwall Police:

A drug dealer from Tavistock has today, Thursday 27 February, been sentenced to two years in prison.

The sentencing follows an extensive investigation led by Detectives from Tavistock’s local investigation team.

Officers first executed a search warrant under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 at Gary Perkins’ home address on Buzzard Road in Tavistock in May 2018.

The officers conducted a search at the address under the power of the warrant and Perkins was detained and arrested at the address. During the search, officers seized a large wrap of light brown powder.

This was later examined by a forensic laboratory and found to contain 4.8 grams of Heroin with a street value of £486.30.

In addition to this, a set of digital scales with powder on them and a teaspoon with traces of the same. They also found a large sum of cash totalling over £2,000 inside an envelope.

Perkins was charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs (Heroin) and entered a guilty plea to the offence under a basis that he was supplying drugs under duress.

During his Police interview, Perkins explained that he had run up a drug debt which he could not pay and the third party then told him that he would have to pay off the debt by working for him. Perkins went on to say that he continued with this arrangement as he feared they would become violent if he refused to continue with their arrangement and that he felt trapped.

Whilst in this phase of the proceedings a second warrant was executed at Perkins’ home address in March 2019. When officers arrived at the address on this occasion they witnessed a male arrive at the property on a pushbike. The male was seen to let himself in the front door with a door key. Having witnessed this activity, officers made their way to the front door and entered into the property detaining the male in the process.

Gary Perkins was located in the living room of the property. In the course of this search, a number of items were seized [pictures attached].

The Drugs located in the search were again found to be Heroin. This evidence, together with other material, was identified to have a street value of £2,270.00.

Perkins was further charged with being concerned in the supply of a class A drug (Heroin) and pled guilty.

DC Ferguson (the officer in the case) said: “Tavistock is a picturesque town with a vibrant community which is largely built of law-abiding people. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

“Our message here is clear; there is no place in this town for class A drugs. Those using and dealing drugs within our community regardless of what they are should know that we will actively seek to identify them.

“We will robustly investigate such crimes and where evidence permits, we will charge these people and put them before the courts.

“In this case, Gary Perkins was found to be in possession of large quantities of Heroin and we suspect that these drugs were destined for the use of others, both within the community and possibly elsewhere.

“Heroin is a terrible drug which ruins the lives of everyone it touches.

“I am pleased that Perkins has been convicted and now sentenced and hope that this serves as a positive and direct message.”

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