Devastating fire at Dartmoor

Despite sub-zero temperatures, a large fire is raging over Dartmoor.  The strong SW west winds are fanning the flames, making life extremely difficult and dangerous for Devon firefighters at the scene of the fire which started at Tavy Cleave, NE of Tavistock.

6 hours ago, on Twitter, they reported that they were “maintaining our presence but fighting in ‘defensive mode’, which means we’re working to stop the fire from getting worse until conditions improve for us to do more …” There was deemed to be no risk to life in the path of the fire, whose spread is being monitored by spotters and drones.

The fire, near Tavistock, has been described as about 3.1 miles (5 km) wide and spreading. It is on remote moorland, difficult to access, and it is believed that no people or animals have been injured.

Ten fire crews were despatched to Tavy Cleave, and members of the public are asked to avoid the area.

Some  on social media have described the red glow in the sky as ‘biblical’ or like a ‘sunset’. Extreme cold can dry out vegetation, making it liable to winter fires.

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