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Successful Devon beaver trial

The government has today (Thursday 6 August) hailed the success of a five-year beaver trial on the River Otter in Devon, recognising its benefits to the local area and ecology. First licensed for release into the River Otter by the Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) in 2015, two family groups of […]

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Wild camping to be banned throughout August on Dartmoor

Following a dramatic increase in fly-camping, Dartmoor National Park Authority is taking decisive action to protect public health, wildlife and nature. The Authority has introduced powers under the Dartmoor Commons Act (1985) to stop large numbers of people treating Bellever (Riddon Ridge) as an informal campsite and to give the […]

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Worrying attacks on livestock on Dartmoor

From Devon & Cornwall Police: In the last five years there have been 500 attacks from dogs on livestock in Devon and Cornwall with year on year increases being reported by farmers. This part of Dartmoor has some of the highest number of reports to police in the county. It […]

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Geoffrey Cox MP on food standards and future trade deals

In response to a letter from me, as one of his constituents: I have made agricultural businesses and local farmers in Torridge and West Devon a priority since I was first elected in 2005, so I am keenly aware of how important these issues are to our rural community. I […]

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Good news as Tamar wetland saved

There was a plot of land for sale at Tamarstone, just a mile East of Redpost bordering the Tamar just on the Devon side. It was a rare wetland habitat untouched for years. It has now been saved by Crowd Funding thanks to  Keep-it-Wild and is to be left as […]

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Dog attacks kills lamb at Northam Burrows

Torridge District Council are yet again reminding all dog walkers to take care near sheep after a lamb was found dead on Northam Burrows on Monday, the 20th of April. The Country Park is popular with dog walkers but is also a grazing common for animals, where the residents of the […]

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Brown hares and chickens used to b e considered ‘gods’

From University of Exeter: Brown hares and chickens were considered “gods” rather than food when they were first arrived in Britain in the Iron Age, new research shows. Archaeological evidence shows that the first brown hares and chickens to arrive in Britain were buried with care and intact. There is […]

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4 cows rescued from Holsworthy slurry pit

A fire engine from Holsworthy and the special rescue team from Camels Head were sent to reports of cows trapped in a slurry pit at Tetcott.  Slurry pits are potentially dangerous as this incident showed, so it is easy to see why they are unpopular, but such is the scale […]

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Children build bird boxes over half-term

A large group of Adults and Children gathered on Northam Burrows during the week to take part in building bird boxes for our feathered friends. With a nod towards the Councils aim of improving the environment, the materials supplied by the rangers came from recycled wood taken from the centre, […]

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To feed or not to feed? The issue with starlings …

So, it’s lovely sitting at my desk watching the blue-tits, chaffinches, robins, blackbirds and the occasional collared dove nibbling away at the seeds I put out daily for them. However, trouble looms in the shape of starlings. Starlings are lovely birds whose murmurations are a sight to behold. I don’t […]

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