Deterring dodgy Dartmoor drivers

Sorry, this should be in our Devon section but never mind as it impacts all of us!

From Devon & Cornwall Police:

Last week Devon and Cornwall Police conducted an enforcement and education operation across Dartmoor aimed at tackling the Fatal Five driving offences which are the most likely to cause death and serious injury.

Officers from the No Excuse Team, Road Crime Unit and Road Casualty Reduction Officers were deployed across all the major roads leading over Dartmoor. Officers travelled in from all directions and were quick to identify a number of drivers committing offences.

Over the course of the day officers dealt with seven offences of vehicles being driven without insurance or tax, with four of these vehicles being seized at the roadside. Alongside this tickets were issued to drivers for using vehicles with no MOT or lighting defects and education was given to others about the manner of their driving.

One driver overtook an unmarked police vehicle on solid white lines before increasing to a recorded average speed of 102mph. This driver was reported to court and faces the strong likelihood of a driving ban, points and a fine.

The day was not just about road safety. Officers from the Road Crime Unit also located a lost dog and made steps to reunite it with its owner.

Supporting this operation were Speed Detection Officers (SDO) from the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership. Using collision data these officers were deployed at key locations on Dartmoor. Whilst the officers were surrounded by wandering sheep, ponies and cows they gave a strong reminder to all road users that 40mph means 40mph across Dartmoor. Most motorists were abiding to the limit, however 46 motorists were recorded as exceeding it, with one travelling at 66 mph.

In the village of Liverton, over the course of two hours, one SDO recorded 52 motorists who were driving in excess of the 30mph limit. One of these sites was near to the primary school and their increased speed could have terrible consequences. A further 102 motorists were recorded as speeding on the A30 near Okehampton.

MPC Daniel Furneaux who was leading the operation said: “Today’s operation has given a clear message to those that live, work and visit Dartmoor that we do listen to your concerns around road safety on the moors. We have tried to cover all areas in one day, a difficult task when the National Park stretches over 368 square miles.

“However we will return over the summer to ensure that those with four wheels, two wheels, four legs or two, all have a safe and enjoyable experience in this wonderful landscape.

“Like the drivers we caught today, nobody should ever assume that we won’t be on the roads in their area with a marked or unmarked presence.”

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