Desperate plea for volunteers to keep The Pantry open

The Pantry in Bude grew amazingly quickly. I interviewed Mrs Pantry in April of last year when she was leaving food for those in need in a cupboard in her garden, available with no questions asked. Follow the links for the story.

Now, the Pantry has grown, offering a Foodbank, Baby bank, Interview ready project, BAPP, The Liddiard project, School holiday meals, support, advice, events, friendship, work experience, and volunteering.

The problem is that Mrs Pantry is now unwell, and volunteer numbers have dwindled while demand for is higher than ever.

If volunteers don’t come forward then the Pantry will have to close. Can you help?

What’s needed?

Help is needed with any or all of the following. Is there something you could help with to keep this amazing community asset going?


– Managing and posting a few times a week on all their social media
– A couple of volunteers happy to have food parcels, a small number of baby items and toiletries at their home. This is so that they can welcome those in need into their home and support them.
– People to be a donation drop off point
– People to arrange, sort and distribute donations
– People to organise, plan and execute free community events
– People to design leaflets/posters and distribute them
-Someone happy to take/make calls, send and reply to emails
– Someone to promote us, get the name out there to the people that need it.
– People to staff and run a weekly drop-in
– Some men to run a ‘men’s group’
– Some jobs are daily but won’t take up much time at all; it may just be writing a Facebook post!
– Every volunteer will need to be available to do something every week
– Some weeks will be busier than others
– Be prepared to do anything! Cooking, cleaning, sorting, selling, crying, talking, listening, dancing, dressing up, fundraising …
What kind of person?
– Have a good ear to listen, a good shoulder to cry on, a big heart, non-judgemental, loving, compassionate, caring and kind
If you can help, do contact Mrs Pantry
Call 01288 488307


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