Desk or walk? I chose the latter …

Sunglasses in winter – preposterous!

You probably haven’t noticed, but Bude & Beyond is late today. I haven’t added anything until now (afternoon) because sometimes we all have to make choices.

View from the bridge …

Heron relaxing …

Reflections – still waters run deep

This morning, it was icy but beautifully blue. I have a dog who likes walking and I fancied a change of scene from my morning routine, so off I went to Tamar Lake. So pleased I made the right choice. The early morning was lovely, hardly anyone around. Herons and cormorants sat on buoys (cormorants spread their wings to dry them, apparently – I thought it was just the vulture within). Cute mallards swam around peacefully, while the noisy gulls flew over in a flock when disturbed.

Muddy and icy stretches

Cormorant spreads its wings

The sun shone on the lake, glistening on the ripples, while other parts of the lake were glass-still, with beautiful reflections. Gorse is appearing, bullrushes, and yes, there is still a fair bit of mud and ice in places. It was tranquil, peaceful, just the right place to be – no rushing, simply absorbing the health-giving outdoor surroundings. Sun, blue sky and a good walk cheer everyone up. It’s on the doorstep and a lovely easy walk.

Yesterday I went to the beach, today inland. We are so lucky to have such varied scenery to enjoy.

Gorgeous gorse

No Moses basket found!


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