Dawn’s writing groups update


Last chance to attend writing groups this year for £7 per session. Three groups and some other sessions available. Please pre-book your space by emailing Dawn budeandbeyond@gmail.com


1) Writing Group – beginners/intermediate (Tuesdays, 10-12 noon).

Started January 9th. Struggling getting started? Getting stuck midway? Strategies to move you forward. Plenty of practice.

Requirements: notebook and pen. Max 8 people. Can take another 1 – 2 people. No class w/c 16th April. 


2) Writing Group (editing) –  (Tuesdays 1pm – 3pm). Experienced writer?

Time to edit your work, so learn the skills and practise on each other – £7 per session. Starts 24th April 2018can take another 2/3 people.


3) Writing Group (evening) – beginners/intermediate (Tuesday 17.45-19.45) Starts 24th April 2018. See writing group info above. Spaces available. 


4) Social Media session £7 – help with blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Laptop or tablet needed. Next session Monday 9th April 10am-12 noon. Can take up to 2 more people. 


Life Writing

If anyone is interested in life writing, I’d be interested in offering a group, as it is a particular interest of mine.

Life-writing involves biography but it also embraces the lives of objects and institutions plus the lives of individuals, families and groups. So, autobiography, memoirs, letters, diaries, journals and oral accounts/interviews

Can also cover issues: birth, dementia, gender, conflict, family life, travel.

If you have an idea you’d like to work on, please advise at budeandbeyond@gmail.com and I’ll find a time/space to offer these sessions. See more on Dawn’s blog.




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