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It must be said that I am a fairly grounded person so my visit to a spiritual healer, Susie Walters of Golden Healing Light, was (I flatter myself) in the spirit of Louis Theroux, investigating something I knew nothing about but was intrigued by. It was, however, thoroughly fascinating, despite (or because of) my having no idea what to expect.

According to Susie, healing is a natural form of energy coming from a place of love. Some call the source of the energy God, she calls it Love, the place of creation from where everything comes. Yes, so far it is all a bit esoteric and hard to grasp for someone into facts as I am.

She explains how Reiki uses symbols which connect to this energy but in spiritual healing, she just plugs herself into the energy source as a clear channel. To do this, a healer has to set herself, her ego, aside, to become a conduit to direct those energies to the client. Images of electric sockets and switching kettles on are not too far from the truth, in a metaphorical way.

Susie is emphatic that healing does not take the place of conventional medicine. she says:

We do not claim to heal illnesses but it may be helpful alongside medical advice. It’s like switching a switch on. Anyone can use the energy of love. It is a natural form of energy. All healers are taught how to tune in properly and safely. If giving healing and not doing it properly, the healer is using their energy and becomes depleted instead of being a conduit.

I asked how long she has been healing and how she came to it.

I’ve been doing this since 2004. nfortunately, I had severe postnatal depression after the birth of my first son, Nicholas. I was lost, confused, and healing was a last resort for me. I’d had medication from the doctors, I had seen psychiatrists, and was trying to look after my son but it was difficult with all the medication I was taking. Desperate, I went to a church hall which was holding a spiritual healing meeting. I was given healing and for about 2 minutes, a sense of calm flowed through me for the first time in a very long while. There was no judgement, just pure unconditional love. The more healing I had, the more I wanted to find out about it, as you see life differently when you have healing. Nature, flowers, light, for example, all become amplified.

So it is about connecting to the universal free energy all around us, then the healer acting as a conduit to pass that energy to a person. With the help of healing and the doctors, I gradually became me again. My local spiritual group in Deal opened a Reiki group and I started with that, later moving on to a spiritual healing course which took another two and a half years. There’s a self-learning journey. We are taught about auras, chakras, systems in the body, to meditate to become a clearer channel and to protect ourselves from others draining our energy.

It’s nothing new. Spiritual healing has been around for a long, long time.

Spiritual healing has been around since the year dot but people are becoming more aware of it. This form of healing is very gentle and nurturing, allowing the body to heal itself from physical or emotional pain through the power of touch, but we can’t claim to cure. It opens up awareness in our harsh, physical world. After healing, you start to see things differently.  You can liken it to a TV with many channels but we only see something clearly when we focus on one channel. You don’t have to have a belief system but simply have an open mind and give yourself permission to heal.

Why do people seek it out?

People come because they need support at difficult times in their lives, are struggling with grief, or have illnesses – it’s an extra mechanism to help them to deal with whatever is going on in their lives.  Some just come for relaxation. It can be used for wellbeing, like having a massage.

We start with a guided meditation. I use colour as every colour has different energy fields, use crystals intuitively and I have sound tuning forks if needed. There is also an option of transformational healing which is very powerful stuff. I sense auras around people and have a healing team of spirit guides. If you call them in, then the spirits will hear you. They’re around us but we just can’t see them.

We live in a modern, rational bubble on earth, but there have to be other things that exist on a different plane as energy never dies. The world we live in is more and more manic, pressurised. Healing helps you to stop, take time out, and bring an awareness. You see things differently. Synchronicities, colours, the magic of life all becomes much clearer.

Dawn’s experience:

I didn’t really have any preconceptions, and I’m not someone who normally enjoys being still (I was on the couch for about an hour.) However, Susie explained everything before the session. The session itself was relaxing; it’s not often I get a chance to switch off. In terms of physical health, Susie focused on two areas which were spot on. I think the more important aspect for me was calming my ever-busy mind so it could run unfettered on some ‘spiritual travels’, which provided me with intuitive answers to questions I have long been grappling with. As Susie says, when we stop and are still, we connect to energy that is always there; we then hear and feel connected to those that we love. So, I would say the outcomes were far more than I could have imagined. Amazing!

Susie is a full healer member of National Federation of Healers and a Reiki Healer.

Check her website: www.thehealingwhitelight.com





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