Dan’s Rail Petition – Get On It!

Dan Rogerson

Dan Rogerson

Lib Dem MP Dan Rogerson has launched a petition urging Network Rail to look at re-introducing railway services to North Cornwall.

Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin has asked Network Rail to produce a report looking at additional lines to and from Devon and Cornwall following the collapse of the sea wall at Dawlish last week. Network Rail have said that their preferred route would be the former line from Exeter to Plymouth via Okehampton and Tavistock.

North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson has campaigned to re-introduce more services to and from Okehampton and welcomed Network Rail’s decision to look at re-opening the Exeter-Okehampton-Tavistock-Plymouth railway line.

Dan Rogerson said:

“I have long campaigned to re-introduce more services to and from Okehampton to bring the railways closer to the Launceston and Bude areas. I called a debate on this topic in the House of Commons last summer – at the time Transport Ministers were keen to explore the options, but the incident at Dawlish has speeded the process up.
It is good news that Network Rail are going to bring forward proposals to re-open the railway line between Exeter, Okehampton, Tavistock and Plymouth. It is important that work to re-open the line happens as quickly as possible so that people in our area can see the benefits.”

At the same time as the work to bring trains back to Okehampton and Tavistock, Dan Rogerson wants Network Rail to explore options for connecting and extending the line into Cornwall.  For those people in Bude and beyond, this is the important bit because Okehampton is still one hell of a trek! So, get that petition signed, people!! I’m kind of incredulous that anyone thinks the Dawlish line had any great relevance to those of us in the North East Cornwall railway desert area in the first place. Rail travel for the north of the duchy should have been raised years ago. But at least Dan is now on the case.

Dan added:

“Connecting the Exeter, Okehampton & Tavistock line to Cornwall would offer more options for people travelling to, from and around the Duchy and would be a boost to residents, businesses and the economy in Cornish communities that are not currently served by rail services.

“It would also improve the resilience of the rail network. As we have seen at Dawlish, a problem at one part of the line can cut Cornwall off from England. Extending the Okehampton & Tavistock line into north and east Cornwall would provide another railway line across the Tamar to help keep Cornwall connected in the event of any problems along the existing main line.

“I have launched my petition today at www.campaigns.libdems.org.uk/NorthCornwallRailways<http://www.campaigns.libdems.org.uk/NorthCornwallRailways> and would urge anyone who supports the plans to help me show Network Rail the strength of support from local people for bringing back railway services to North Cornwall.”


  • Avatar Malcolm and Barbara Cull says:

    car or taxi first to Exeter. travel from the Bude and northern area of Cornwall should be reinstated in the long run but the sooner the better. Travel from Morwenstowe and Kilkhampton by rail can only currently be achieved after a long and tortuous road journey to Exeter. That is 70 miles each way, and by public transport is at least a 3 to 4 hour journey!

  • Avatar Margaret Hughes says:

    It is very unfortunate that this situation has not been taken forward sooner we have of course to thank the late Lord Beeching for the situation we have now and we in the SW have not had the support that it should have had from our MPs we rely on to look after our interests and an awful shame that a disaster such this makes Westminster wake up to our plight

  • Avatar Malcolm Mitchell says:

    This has got to be the best ever opportunity to improve our area’s communication system we’ve ever had.
    I believe that the choice of the Exeter – Okehampton – Tavistock route as the current preferred option as an alternative inland rail link to the South West is a very sensible and sound proposal from Railtrack, and one that would have huge added benefits to the surrounding area as a by-product.
    North Cornwall and parts of Mid Devon have long been cut off from the National Rail Network, (since the 1960s) and by bringing a rail route closer to this isolated area, using a largely intact existing infrastructure, the economic, social and tourism boost it would generate would be enormous. Not only would it bring prosperity to this area, it would also create the long desired commuter and social rail link from the Tavistock area into Plymouth relieving the road traffic problems that we all know and love.
    Here in North Cornwall we are about as far from the network as we could be – in fact further than anywhere in the UK. It takes a good hour to reach our nearest railway station, and to re-instate this line would bring much of this area to within a half-hour drive, a massive boost to the region in all aspects, and it needs to be done as soon as possible to return our much-loved and beautiful region to full potential and prosperity.
    Although Doctor Beeching always gets the brunt of the blame for our transport plight, It mustn’t be forgotten that he was in the employ of one Earnest Marples, who as Minister of Transport at the time, was also the director of the biggest road building firm in the UK – Marples Ridgeway! No conflict of interest there then!

  • Avatar Mark hill says:

    Bring back the rail network pre Beechings

  • Avatar rebecca says:

    I tried to sign but it doesn’t seem to work. I think you need to be a Lib Dem member to sign the petition. Does anyone know if there is a way to sign if you are not a member? I would really like a train station!

  • Avatar Paul Slade says:

    North Cornwall is long overdue substantial investment in modern transport links. For many residents the only choice they have if they wish to travel is by using their own vehicles. We do not even have any motorways. Governments over recent years have tried to encourage us to use public transport. However in North Cornwall rail services are non existent and bus services are few and far between and further reductions are very likely. Any investment in transport systems would surely help with business development which would have a knock on effect of local people being able to afford their own homes.

  • Avatar LES WHALEY says:

    Our Government have the opportunity to put things right for the whole of Cornwall and Devon for Rail Link to Okehampton and on to Tavistock and Plymouth.
    We need all parties Government,Network Rail and Town Councils to get together and get the Track under way Now with a start to upgrade the track from Exeter to Okehampton and then on to Tavistock and Plymouth.
    Okehampton is a working Station so it could get under way in the first place to Exeter with the link to Plymouth following.
    This New Line would bring more people taking trips on the railway in North Cornwall and West Devon that we have not been able to do from the days of Dr Beeching Axe.

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