Dan Wants to Improve Rural Mobile Signal

Dan Rogerson MP - nuisance callsDan Rogerson wants to make the most of Vodaphone’s ‘Rural Open Sure Signal’ programme which is offering 100 rural villages the chance to benefit from improved 3G mobile phone signal. Certainly, most rural villages down here need some help. The mobile signal is often dire. My son is with Vodafone, ironically, and cannot even send texts from Bude! 
The programme is designed to help residents and businesses in communities that have poor mobile phone signal and will see alternative technology used to boost phone and mobile internet reception without the need for a traditional phone mast.
Several ‘sure signal’ boxes installed across a community would utilise local broadband connections to make a strong 3G Vodaphone phone signal available.
Dan Rogerson MP wants to hear from local people who are keen to improve mobile phone signal in their area to get in touch with him, so that they can work together to submit an application to the scheme.
Commenting, Dan Rogerson said:
“A decent 3G signal would allow people to make phone calls, as well as check emails and browse the internet on their phones, and would be a huge benefit for residents and local businesses. That’s why I am keen to work with local people to submit bids to this Rural Open Sure Signal programme.
“The scheme has been a huge success in 12 trial areas, so if your village has problems with mobile phone signal and you would like to discuss how we can work together to put in a bid to be one of 100 rural communities that are set to benefit from this scheme, please contact me on contact@danrogerson.org.”

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