Dan Campaigns on Fly-Tipping

Dan Rogerson MP (right) wants to improve recycling rates and see an end to landfillNorth Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson wants to clawback £500 million lost to the taxpayer every year, and promote recycling.


  • Illegal waste sites, fly-tipping and Landfill Tax evasion costs the UK taxpayer on average £0.5 billion a year in lost revenue and severely damages Britain’s environment and wildlife
  • Lib Dem Environment Minister Dan Rogerson is calling for beefed up fines and sentences for waste crime
  • Proposals are part of plans launched by the Liberal Democrats to introduce a Zero Waste Bill in the next parliament


Organisations who fly-tip on an industrial scale to deliberately evade tax could face up to £9 million in fines if the Liberal Democrats are in government after the election.


Announcing new powers to seize vehicles involved with waste crime and launching the Zero Waste Bill today, Dan Rogerson MP said he wanted to see an increase in the number of organisations prosecuted for illegal dumping and a more consistent higher level of fines for those to damage Britain’s environment and wildlife across the UK.


Currently only a small number of prosecutions are successful, ranging between 171-197 a year. In turn, there is a great degree of variability between courts with fines averaging a measly £7,000 despite waste crime by some organisations operating on an industrial scale.


Mr Rogerson said the Lib Dems wanted a ‘carrot and stick’ approach to UK waste – combining an action plan that turns waste into a financial asset and economic contributor (known as creating a ‘circular economy’), with coming down hard on industrial fly-tippers through stiffer penalties and fines.


Commenting on the proposed Zero Waste Bill, Lib Dem Environment Minister and North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson said:


“Liberal Democrats will make Britain’s waste pay – trebling fines for industrial scale fly-tipping and companies who use illegal dumping to shirk their tax responsibilities. Our Zero Waste Bill in the next Parliament will also make sure that we end the practice of needlessly sending waste to landfill, and instead turn waste on its head to make it a beneficial resource for the country.”


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