The Daily Mile challenge for Cornwall’s primary schools

From Cornwall Council:

Schools across Cornwall are being encouraged to sign up to the Daily Mile challenge in a bid to tackle physical inactivity and childhood obesity.

In Cornwall around 27% of children aged 4-5 are identified as overweight through the National Child Measurement Program and the current trend is for this figure to increase throughout the primary school years to around 32% by age 10-11.

To help tackle this, an initiative called The Daily Mile was started in February 2012 by Elaine Wyllie, who was then Head Teacher of a large Scottish Primary school in Stirling. Concerned by children’s lack of fitness, she developed The Daily Mile as a sustainable and effective way to combat inactivity and obesity in her school. The Daily Mile is about physical activity to improve children’s physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Since 2015, The Daily Mile has been adopted by over 2,000 schools in the UK alone and has proved popular with thousands of children, parents and teachers. Seven schools in Cornwall are already signed up to the Daily Mile Foundation and running a daily mile.

Cornwall Council is encouraging every primary school in Cornwall to introduce The Daily Mile from the 15 January.

On the same day, we will also be encouraging staff across Council locations to get involved and use their lunchtimes to do the Daily Mile.

Councillor Hawken said: “The Daily Mile is a really quick and easy way for everyone to get more active. Even gentle physical activity daily can have a positive impact on mental health, concentration levels as well as reducing weight. Small steps can make a big difference, and it’s important that we work towards reducing the health impacts of obesity in Cornwall.”

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