Dad’s Place is closing down in a time of unprecedented uncertainty

Bude-based Dad’s Place was a professional printing business created by Matthew Emo, designed to pay tribute to the memory of his late father, a keen photographer. The company created excellent canvases of their stock of Matt’s Dad’s photography but also people’s personal images.

The story was told on the website:

Dad’s Place was founded in October 2015 in memory of our late father, to share his captivating photography and to stock an eclectic range of gifts which people may like to buy for their Dad’s and loved ones.  

We stocked everything from remote control cars, to novelty gifts and Motorsport merchandise. However, when we started to understand that we could replicate Dad’s images, printing them to the same exacting standards that he would expect, we made the decision to focus solely on printing.  

In April 2016 we started to sell Dad’s photography on canvas, through our website and platforms such as ebay. It was also around this time that we started to attend local crafts fairs. Once people saw the quality of our printing we were inundated with requests to print people’s personal images. We printed around 250 canvases in a 10 day period that December and our business has continued to grow ever since.   

Towards the end of 2017 we were approached by a client to see if we could print some roll up banners, scrim banners and canvases for Crufts. In order to complete this order we purchased a 44″ fine art printer and it’s through our customers continued support that we are able to offer an ever increasing range of print services and continue to grow. 

As of June 2019, we moved into our first premises and continue to invest in new equipment, offering quality print services to an ever increasing demographic of individuals and business across the UK. 

Then, in March, COVID-19 struck.  Yesterday, with great sadness Matt had to announce the closure of his lovingly-built family business.

On their Facebook page, they had videoed their last print-run prior to closure for lockdown. Now, the sun has set on the business and they will not re-open.

Matt wrote:


Ladies & Gentlemen, in part due to the unprecedented uncertainty we face and a host of personal reasons, I have taken the decision to close Dad’s Place.

I’m sure there will be many discussions about what we do with the business but for now I’d like to personally thank each and every customer who has supported us. Each of you has personally helped me and my family to cope with a loss the size of which my words cannot describe.

As we have grown, we have been entrusted to undertake jobs that simply weren’t possible when we started in Dad’s bedroom. I’m proud of what we have achieved.

Each time we have sold one of Dad’s Images it has been both emotional and joyful, a feeling that never faded, so thank you.

We have also been lucky enough to have helped families capture their treasured memories in print, a gift to us because we truly know how much those moments mean.

I need to finish by saying a huge thank you to Matthew Spry & Laura Louise Spry who, alongside managing the pressures of a growing family, have helped me to grow a business to be proud of.

None of us are sure what the future holds, so please remember to support one another, be kind and stay safe.

Good luck and warm wishes to Matt for the future from Bude & Beyond.

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