Dads Outshining Mum in the Kitchen

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Dads who regularly cook are challenging Mums’ supremacy in the kitchen, according to a recent poll by Sharp Home Appliances . So, that’s good to hear, as blokes start getting creative in the kitchen. Maybe on Father’s Day, Dads could do the cooking!

Stepping up to the plate, Dads  also appear to be more creative and less prone to cooking disasters than Mums, who have, traditionally, come out on top in the family kitchen.

According to the poll of 2000 adults, 62% of Mums admit to experiencing an average of 3 cooking mishaps a month compared to 53% of Dads.

It’s also mothers who appear to be wreaking the most havoc. Whilst 57% of Mums admit to burning pots and pans, only 49% of Dads confess to causing the same damage. Guilty as charged but that is because I don’t watch those pots that never boil! Except they do.

UK Sales and Marketing Director of Sharp Home Appliances, Andy Warren says: ”With the rise in singleton and same-sex parent families, everyday meal preparation is becoming even less of a gender specific chore, opening the way for more Dads to put their own culinary skills into practice.”

Pipping Mums to the post, Dads are less likely to stick to the same repertoire of dishes, showing a little more inclination to experiment with new dishes. According to the poll, 62% of mothers admit to cooking the same repertoire of dishes compared to 59% of fathers. This is because we get used to people moaning when we try something different!

Mums’ Sunday roasts might have won a special place in many British hearts but Dads might just be raising the cooking standard. The Study shows that more than half (52%) of Dads believe that their roast beef dishes usually turn out perfectly compared to just 44% Mums.

Fathers appear equally confident when it comes to the gravy preparation, with 66% claiming to have nailed this cooking skill compared to 62% of Mums.

However, while Dads might now be more active in the kitchen, during the week, they’re just as likely as Mums to crumble under the pressure of time. The poll revealed that both Mums and Dads cite the need to multi-task as one of the top reasons behind their cooking blunders.

Andy Warren continues “One in three Mums and Dads blame multi-tasking for their cooking disasters. With less time to prepare meals, parents need the cooking to be both quick and easy”.

Therein lies the rub. If you are cooking functionally daily, then it becomes a chore. Great if Dads are willing to do their bit and there are some great cooks out there of both genders, but also fab gadgets to help things along…

So, who does the cooking in your kitchen? Testimonials and photos welcome!

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