Cycle path proposal attracts flurry of objections

The plan for the formation of a cycle path from Crooklets to Summerleaze has now reached the heady heights of Cornwall Council’s planning department. Planning application number is PA20/00810 and you can have your say, however you feel, here.

Here are the comments on the Cornwall Council website so far, edited here only to avoid too much repetition – mainly objections, but with some in support.


I object to the cycle path. It will spoil the peace and quietness one can enjoy walking on the footpath. Why, all of a sudden, is a cycle path needed? The ensemble of Summerleaze downs, the footpath and the scenery is unique and should not be changed.


This application would seriously damage a key part of Bude and a popular amenity for locals and visitors. A very popular traditional area for dog walkers and parents who can allow their children to roam freely – this application creates potential for serious accidents to occur.
In addition, as there is no link to other cycle ways, the rationale for building this cycle way is seriously undermined. Waste of money and very limited benefit compared to the downsides.

The path – photo courtesy of Trev Plant

I strongly object to the creation of a cycle path across Summerleaze Downs which the Town Council have proposed with no public consultation or justification. The Downs is a wonderful and unique open-space asset to Bude. It is a safe, pedestrian-only zone where the public, children and dogs can safely roam. Cycles have always been prohibited.

The chosen path doesn’t even link other cycle routes – in fact, it stops abruptly at the flight of steps right in front of the beach huts at Crooklets! This will probably cause cyclists to use the very narrow slope at the back of the beach huts which is currently used by disabled users and pushchairs etc. At the other end, it links into the congested service road between Sainsburys and Summerleaze Crescent. There is no other provision for cyclists anywhere else in the town centre so why is it required here?

Should there be a requirement for a cycle path linking the town with Crooklets; surely the sensible route would be adjacent to the existing road?

With the growing popularity of electric bicycles, average speeds will inevitably get higher and higher and present a significant danger to existing users of the Downs. Accidents will inevitably happen. The Town Council are clearly out of touch with public opinion.


We badly need a safe bicycle route between Bude town and Flexbury. Over the past few years I have been struck twice by a car while cycling around the one way system by an impatient motorist rushing to push past me as I climb the slope. If we don’t make provision for a safe cycle path then it is only a matter of time before someone is badly injured.
Right now, if I am travelling with my young daughter I use the downs rather than placing her in physical danger (and I know numerous others do, the current ban on the downs simply does not serve the safety of those in our community who choose or are forced to use this efficient and cheap means of transport).
If the town hopes to achieve its environmental and carbon commitments then it needs to make better provision for safe cycling. This planning proposal provides just that, and makes provision to allow everyone to share the resources of the downs.

I strongly object to the creation of a cycle path between Summerleaze and Crooklets.
The present pathway is a safe tranquil place for people to stroll, young parents with pushchairs and young children running and playing on the grass, a cycle path between them would be an accident waiting to happen.
There are seats and a viewing shelter along the area and where people sit in peace and take in the amazing view of the sea, which visitors to Bude come to enjoy as well as local families. This will be gone, replaced by cyclists and skateboarders speeding down the hill in front of them.
This is such a short distance adding more concrete to this beautiful green space and the money would be better spent adding a safe cycle route along the existing roads around the town. This would benefit people cycling to work, children cycling to school as well as cycling for recreation.


I frequently walk along the path in question. I have only very rarely seen any cyclists either on the Downs, or even along Crooklets Road. Where is the data to prove there is a demand for such a proposed cycle path?

There will inevitably be conflict between any cyclists using the proposed path, and pedestrians (often families with young children and off-the lead dogs) using the Downs for open and traffic-free recreation. An accident waiting to happen.

I consider it a waste of money and a potential visual eyesore for residents and visitors alike, and out of keeping with the existing recreational facility. Any ‘spare’ cash could be better used to maintain the existing pedestrian path by removing the overgrown weeds and brambles along the fencing, that at times encroach over the path making it considerably narrower to negotiate.


This will destroy the downs, an area of natural beauty on our coastline. Also, it will be used by dog walkers on long leads and walkers who will just use the extra space to spread themselves out across the path, this is exactly what has happened on the supposed cycle path from the tourist office. This has since been changed to a ‘multi use trail’, it’s not able to be used properly by either cyclists or wheelchair users with so many obstacles on the path. It will just become a wider footpath.

Great view from the downs

Currently it is a very safe space for all (including dogs) and the introduction of a cycle path would significantly increase the risk of injury to children and pets who can currently roam free on the down.
Cyclists should either use the current facilities or dismount if they wish to use the walking path.

I see this as yet another encroachment of precious green space in Bude providing a significant disadvantage to the many for the convenience of the few.


Initially I thought a good idea to have more safe cycling paths for Bude as the town grows and we encourage people not to use cars, but this route makes no sense.
If it linked up with the canal route via the Summerleaze car park , across Nanny Moore’s bridge and the Crescent maybe, but to stop at Atlantic rise seems pointless. You may as well just come up the road. A new wider adjacent path is going to be an accident waiting to happen and destroy the calm oasis the current amble provides. This will only encourage fast cyclists, skateboards and scooters and increase risk for strollers walkers and families with young children. It will also mean yet more signs and tell people not to skateboard, take care etc but will be ignored . Leave it be. But create better cycling paths around the town so people are encouraged to bike to work or to cross town.

From Summerleaze Crescent

I disagree with cyclists on the downs in Bude.
The current situation works really well, it is a safe space for everyone, where we can feel safe from traffic and danger and can leave our cares for a little while.
Please do not allow this place of peace and calm to be changed into a place of stress, drama and potential danger for children and dogs.

I wish to strongly object to this proposal. Summerleaze Downs were given to the people of Bude for pedestrian recreation as the members of Bude Stratton Council should well know. It is one of the very few places in Bude that children, the elderly, physically infirm, people exercising dogs, and many other groups can happily wander without the fear of being annoyed by cyclists etc.
I would have thought the council had better things to spend the money on than something that isn’t necessary. Maybe better signage at every entrance to the downs as obviously the people that already cycle around there either can’t see the ones that are already there or on adult literacy lessons for the people that can’t read them.
Cyclists can use the perfectly god road from Sainsbury’s down to the Crooklets carpark.
The main reason for using the Downs is to look at the view and I would have thought that cyclists should be concentrating on the route they are taking not the view!  Having already had my dog run over by a cyclist (the dog was on a lead at the time) I wouldn’t like it to happen again here, or for that matter to any human being.
The path at the beginning and end of the proposed route does not facilitate cyclists so what do the council intend to do about that fact? I can’t see how it will work for everyone’s safety, mind you it will give the emergency services and local minor injuries something to do with all the spare time and resources they have to spare! Please use what common sense you have to say no to this ridiculous application. The councillors of Bude and Stratton should know better than to have applied and wasted your time.

I use the path regularly to walk and access the beaches. I wish to object to the proposal on three counts:
1) Safety of the pedestrians and public using the Downs should remain paramount. Addition of a cycle path will encourage and increase cycle use and speed in the area. It will be a danger to children who play free across the Downs; for elderly and infirm who may not expect or be able to see or hear approaching cyclists; for dogs who do not recognise the signage.
2) How on earth is the project to be funded when we are supposedly cash-strapped? Where’s the money coming from? Surely, with the current crisis whatever money is available should be used to shore-up and maintain existing facilities – including the erosion of the existing path.
3) The land is common land and should be protected by BSTC for use by residents. There are roads that are designated for vehicular and wheeled transport – so let the cyclists continue to use them for the purpose intended. By stealth, the the Downs are receding to make way for ‘facilities’ – so, for whom will this ultimately benefit?

Fully support a safe cycle path so that you don’t have to go round the one way system on the dangerous road.

But it would be better away from the walking path, running alongside the cricket pitch with an access to the sea pool at one point perhaps.

I object to this application. Summerleaze Down is a recreational space for the people of Bude which the town council have identified as an important green space in the town which should be protected.

I cannot find any information as to why the Town Council think this is needed apart from the statement “formation of a cycle path from Crooklets to Summerleaze”!

The proposed cycle path seems to start at the top of a flight of steps and then end on a narrow congested road. If a cycle way from Crooklets to Summerleaze is the aim then this does not seem to achieve this. I would suggest that the Town Council consider other routes across the Downs which do not create such a danger to pedestrians and cyclists. A much simpler and safer route would be alongside the existing road. Cyclists could have a designated and separate cycle route and the existing amenity value of the headland would be preserved.
The building of the cycle route is surely development of the Downs and this is not permitted. The creation of a 3m wide grasscrete pathway will cause enormous destruction on a green space given to the people of Bude which the Town Council should be protecting’

To C C Planning Committee. I have a strong objection to Planning application PA20/00810, a proposal that the concrete cliff path from Crooklets beach to the Sea pool should be widened to 10 feet so cyclists may use it. For many years there has been a very large notice board at Crooklets at the top of the steps that states there is Definitely NOT to be any horse riding, motor cycling or bicycling on the Downs.

The Summerleaze Downs are a place for walking your dog or walking from Crooklets Beach to the pool because the tide is in and one wants to take one’s children to learn to swim in the pool as I did many moons ago. It is a very popular path to walk for an evening stroll too, Families with small children, elderly people, children and dogs walk along that path very frequently, as we have done and still do. It would be dangerous for cyclists to use that path when men, women and children plus dogs are walking in both directions. Bicycles can come up behind people silently which is a danger and we certainly don’t want any more paths or roads of any kind laid out on the Downs.
The Summerleaze Downs are unique to Bude and visitors love the space and stopping to admire the sea views and do not need to worry that a cyclist is going to mow them down. We do not need the present path to be widened. But it would definitely break down if cyclists were using it going both ways. Also, in order to widen it a viewing shelter with seats and several other seats would have to be moved back further onto the Downs. Even more concrete instead of grass!
The Summerleaze Downs belong to the people of Bude given by Sir Thomas Acland to use for leisure purposes only, i.e. walking, pitch and putt and mini golf. They must be protected. So, please CC planning officers, do not allow cyclists to use that cliff path on the Downs from Crooklets to the swimming pool and allow the notice to stay in situ at Crooklets beach. Cyclists really do not need to because the road to the town is less than a 100 yards away from the beach. There should perhaps be another large notice board at the other end of the path reminding people that no cyclists or horse riders are allowed on the Downs.
I was a volunteer member helping to write the Bude Neighbourhood Plan that states the Downs must be protected, should be protected.

Firstly, Please note that Bude Stratton Town Council Identified Summerleaze Down as a possible Local green space designation and protection (LGS), Meaning that they also want to keep Summerleaze down green and protected from any development.

Secondly, Summerleaze Down was given to the Bude community (meaning what we have to say must be considered) for the residents and visitors to enjoy the green space, and that only recreational activities must take place, I like to think that BSTC do what’s best for the Bude community, including protecting Summerleaze downs from development.

Lots of people enjoy Summerleaze Downs, including walkers (sometimes with dogs) and people playing recreational activities, and runners, with dogs running along the downs (which isn’t a problem to me, I have dogs) and walkers not looking where they are going this could prove dangerous to the cyclists, even when on the cycling path, meaning collisions could take place resulting in injuries.

I also hate the fact that green space would be built on, resulting on more concrete on Summerleaze Downs, which I disagree with! This path would ruin the natural beauty of the downs.

Instead of building a cycle path along the downs, I believe it should be made safer for cyclists to cycle down Crooklets Road (from Sainsbury’s to Crooklets car park) I also feel that this new cycle path would not reduce traffic on the roads.

Summerleaze Down should remain green and not have a cycle path, but instead make Crooklets road safer for cyclists, BSTC should also care about Budes history by not building on Summerleaze Downs!

Previously BSTC have wanted to build a car park on the downs, which luckily was refused, and now they want to build a cycle path, it seems to me that BSTC don’t care if the downs are concreted over. I believe Summerleaze downs should be protected from any sort of development, and used for recreational use only.


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