Cycle path from Crooklets to Summerleaze approved

Oh, if only all the people who rant on Facebook would read the full article, not just a headline (and perhaps be pleased that someone bothers to spend their spare time sharing news). What a remarkable change that would be!

So …

Cornwall Council has approved plans for a cycle path from Crooklets to Summerleaze (on sustainable development grounds) despite a number of objections. The applicant was Bude-Stratton Council, and the application received 84 public comments, of which 75 were objections.

The three-metre-wide path will run across Summerleaze Downs from the Atlantic Rise development adjacent to Summerleaze Crescent to the Crooklets and Summerleaze beach huts. Planners say the cycle path is in accordance with the Neighbourhood Development Plan and is not considered to be visually intrusive to the Downs.

There are conditions, including:

  • No development shall commence unless and until a Biodiversity Management Plan to ensure that there is a minimum 10% net gain in biodiversity within a 30 year period as a result of the development has been submitted to and agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
  • No development  shall commence until a Construction Method Statement has been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority.

In addition, Cornwall Council advises that developers should be made aware of their obligations regarding the public right of way, as follows:

  • the applicants should ensure that they have private access rights to drive on the public right of way;
  • the surface/width of the bridleway should not be altered – prior consent would be needed to do so;
  • no building materials must be stored on the right of way; – vehicle movements must be arranged so as not to interfere with the public’s use of the way;
  • the safety of members of the public using the right of way must be ensured at all times; – no additional barriers (e.g., gates) are to be placed across the right of way;
  • there must be no diminution in the width of the right of way available for use by members of the public; – no damage or alteration must be caused to the surface of the right of way;
  • wildlife mitigation fencing must not be placed across the right of way.

Since publishing the approval this morning, Bude & Stratton Council and the Mayor of Bude have both commented on our page, so here are their comments:

The Town Council says:

Although permission has been sought, no decision has been made by this council yet as to whether to progress with the cycle path project or not. The Public Consultation being held on the 30th will look at the cycle path project again and give the council an opportunity to listen to the views of the public.

Mayor, Cllr Amanda Tame, says:

This application for planning permission was a decision made under the previous council with no public consultation, which was applied for last July.

As a newly formed Council who want to hold public consultation before decisions are made, I really hope as many take part in the consultation as possible so we can really hear as many views as we can.

If the community overwhelmingly don’t want it, then it wouldn’t make sense to proceed.


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