Crescent Post Office just shines out!

Being based at Wharf Studio by the canal, I often have cause to go to the Crescent Post Office, sometimes for milk, or stamps, or a card, or in summer, scrumptious ice cream, etc.

Today, I went in to do a complicated transaction relating to deputyship and bank accounts. Apologies to those queueing because this took a lot of time. As ever, service was friendly and impeccable, helpful and spot on.

So I just wanted to say massive thanks to the cheery folk at the Crescent who seem to open all hours and provide consistently top-notch service. They even sell my books (and some others)! What not to like?

Use your local post offices, folks. Support them as much as you can.

If not going to Bude, I often use the post office at the Premier Store in Kilkhampton. The ladies there also deserve a shout out for consistently helpful and friendly service. If there’s anything complicated to do, you can be assured I will be that person that brings in that complication, and I never get treated with anything other than a greeting and a smile. They had the joy of me returning a postage-paid parcel to Belgium this week!

It seems to take someone special to work in a post office, but what service they really do provide. They epitomise what Bude is all about. Amazingly good and useful people to have around. Thank you.




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