Creative Networking Event at The Castle

Feature by Helen Shingler:

The Castle Bude hosted a Creative Networking Event on Wednesday organised by Cultivator Cornwall which for the past few years has been offering business support in various ways for creative businesses in the region.

The evening featured two businesses in Cornwall which have benefited from support in some way from Cultivator Cornwall.  The first one was Fish Factory Art Space in Penryn, represented by its founder Rose Hatcher.

The Fish Factory Art Space was established by Rose in 2011 to provide a much needed social and cultural hub for the Pentyn/Falmouth artist community.  With little experience and a lot of help she transformed an old fish warehouse into art studios and a gallery.  It has moved premises since its conception and developed further, becoming an integral part of the Cornish Art Scene and an important resource for the local area.  Further information can be found on the website.

Rose spoke about her journey and the growth of the original idea that sparked her motivation to start up this enterprise which is now thriving in the community. She had an initial hunger for creating a network and providing a permanent studio area for those who could not afford to show their work in expensive galleries. She has definitely succeeded in her dream.

Helen Gilchrist of Stranger Collective, also based in Falmouth, then took the floor and told us how she came to set up with a friend the Creative Content Studio and work space that is now known as Stranger Collective.  With a background in journalism and as a writer, editor, and publisher, she is now creatively involved with the development of the business.

It’s difficult for me to sum up succinctly in words what Stranger Collective is and I suggest you take a look at their website for further information.  Their philosophy is the power of the collective and they offer co working space for like-minded people who would otherwise work from home and feel isolated at times freelancing.  Collaboration, coffee and breakfast meetings can make the world a better workspace!

This was an inspirational and interesting event and it was a shame that it was not as well attended by local creatives as it could have been.  Thanks to Sam Taft from Cultivator, Rose Hatcher and Helen Gilchrist and for the Castle catering team providing the excellent refreshments. Photos from the appropriate Facebook pages.


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