Crackington lifeguard, Ella, stayed with people stranded on rocks

Crackington cliffs

Ella Henwood

Great work here by Ella Henwood, Senior Lifeguard at Crackington Beach.

This is the kind of action that makes our rescue services so wonderful. Here’s info from the RNLI about the recent Crackington rescue (photos copyright Ella Henwood/RNLI):

At 2pm this afternoon (Saturday 25 August), the alarm was raised at Crackington Beach for three people who had been cut off by the tide while walking from Millook Beach to Crackington Haven.

The group had set out this morning on a long walk to enjoy the good Bank Holiday weather. Unfortunately when nearing Crackington, the group realised that they had misjudged the tide and had become cut off. Although well equipped and prepared, unfortunately the area at the bottom of the cliffs had no mobile signal: luckily a fourth member of the group was able to climb up the cliff and alerted lifeguards on the beach.

Senior RNLI lifeguard, Ella Henwood, acted quickly, radioing the Coastguard who paged their teams at Bude and Boscastle. Although the beach where the party was stranded was out of the lifeguarded area, Ella sought permission from the Coastguard and paddled out to the stranded walkers. Once she reached them, she checked their condition and passed information to the Coastguard who stood by a cliff rescue team and tasked the RNLI Bude Lifeboat to the walkers.

The group had been stuck for some time by then and the waves were breaking around the rocks where they were stranded, with about an hour before the tide would have risen to a dangerous level. Ella stayed with the group until they could be brought, one by one, onto the lifeboat and then she paddled back to her station.

The three walkers were taken safely back to the beach by 3.30pm and required no medical treatment.

Ella said: ‘The walkers were well prepared when they set out this morning with warm jumpers and water on board, but unfortunately the tide was against them when they reached the bottom of the cliffs. Our volunteer colleagues on the Bude Lifeboat were able to reach them on the rocks and, happily, everyone made it back home safely.

‘We would encourage all walkers to check the tide times before they set out and to be aware of any local spots which are prone to being cut off by high water. RNLI Lifeguards know the surrounding coast very well and we’re always happy to offer advice and answer questions on how to enjoy our beaches safely.’

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