Covid update for Cornwall and Devon

It must be said, it is lovely not to be looking at Covid rates every day. Now it is an occasional glimpse.

So, the interactive map is looking good for our area.

For the week ending 4th April, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly had 62 cases, while Devon had 74.  Torridge was down to 2.

Most areas on the map within our vicinity had fewer than 3 cases (data suppressed) but Launceston had 3.

In the UK, 3.150 people had tested positive in latest data from 9th April.

People vaccinated up to and including 8 April 2021 in England

First dose: 26,934,662

Second dose: 5,336,230

Deaths in our area are negligible and hospital admissions are also very low (1 admittance to North Devon hospital within the last 7 days).

Hopefully, with warmer weather effects, vaccination and social distancing, numbers will continue to decline, as more people are offered vaccinations and free lateral-flow testing.

Reason to be cheerful …


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