Covid puts an end to Tamar Otter and Wildlife Sanctuary

In very sad news announced on their Facebook page, the Tamar Otter and Wildlife Sanctuary, hich re-opened on 25th July, 2020, following Covid lockdown,  closes its doors forever on 31st October.

Having been a few times, I especially remember my visit with my late friend, Jacki, who visited around 6 months before her death. We had a lovely time and she was very taken with the antics of the otters, so the place always remind me of her. Thanks to the Allen Family for creating such a special place.

The announcement says:

We regret to announce that due to the effects of Covid -19 we will be closing the Otter Park permanently on the 31st of October.
Our animals will only leave us when we are confident that they are moving to a place where they will be as happy and well cared for as they have been with us.
The few elderly residents that cannot be moved on will remain with us here.
We cannot thank you enough for the support we have received over the last fourteen and a half years and in particular this year, as without the fundraising efforts we would not have been able to reopen in July for our final few months.
This is a difficult time for everyone involved with the park and we would like to give a special thanks to all the staff who over the years have
helped us to make this the special place it has become.

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