Covid numbers rising in Cornwall/Devon

Gave you (and me) a Christmas Day off from the interactive map yesterday which I’m sure you all appreciated. Cornwall has today entered tier 2 restrictions.

It is now raining in prep for Storm Bella later so batten down the hatches and keep safe.

Here’s the case numbers for our area for the 7 days to 20th December:

  • Bude, 10 cases, a rise
  • Poundstock and Kilkhampton, 4 cases, a rise
  • Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe, 16 cases, a rise
  • Hartland Coast, 8 cases, a rise
  • Launceston, 6 cases, a rise
  • Camelford & Tresmeer, 6 cases, a rise
  • Crackington and Tintagel, data suppressed as low
  • Torridge, 73 cases, a rise
  • Cornwall, 455 cases, a rise
  • Devon, 1085 cases, a rise

The general gist is that numbers are rising and are expected to rise further. Lots of local businesses have closed their doors now, the latest one I’ve heard of being Bleujen Florist, closed until 1st Feb. If you are a local business closing for a while, please keep people informed here in the comments, or send us the details. Email is

The next review of tiers, etc., is due on 28th December.


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