Covid map update

Here we go with the figures from the interactive map to the 7 days ending 27th November.

  • Bude/Stratton, cases have risen to 20, rolling rate of 187.5, so still well in the blue
  • Poundstock and Kilkhampton wider areas, however, doing well on  cases, a rolling rate of 52.9 (green)
  • Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe, cases have risen to 11, a rolling rate of 108.6 (blue)
  • Hartland Coast, 16, a rolling rate of 245.9, in the dark blue sphere which Bude was in until recently
  • Bideford south and east has risen to 15, a rolling rate of 17.1 (blue)
  • Launceston, 4 cases, a rolling rate of 36.6 (green)
  • Crackington and Tintagel, 3 cases, a rolling rate of 41.7 (green)
  • Camelford and Tresmeer, data suppressed, low numbers (white)

More generally, Cornwall is on 167 cases, a rolling rate of 29.2 (green), with four areas of clusters, being Bude, Callington, Porth and Illogan.

Devon is on 666 cases, a rolling rate of 83, still below the UK average (green).

Torridge is on 69 cases, a rolling rate of 101.1 (blue)


Keep safe and sensible, everyone.



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