Covid lethargy or just autumn?

A personal viewpoint:

I don’t know about you, but as the days grow shorter, an increasing senses of lethargy sets in here. I’m not sure whether it is the dull weather or the longer nights, or whether there’s a Covid lethargy, when invitations to go out in a socially-distanced manner seem somehow less enticing than bingeing on a good TV series in the warm with a glass of wine, doing a bit of hygge (and in all honesty, I do not normally watch much TV).

Met a friend for tea and cake this afternoon (which was lovely) but on the whole, it all seems such hard work. Order via your phone, complete your name/address/tel number, etc., as you do so. I understand the rationale, really I do, but good socialising/chatting time is lost to faffing about on a phone. To be honest, it is almost quicker to stay at home, make a cake and a cup of tea. 

Recently, I’ve been invited to join courses but as they are all online, I’m not so keen. I’m no Luddite but I spend an awful lot of my time online already, without using it for leisure. My eyes increasingly ache. Emails sit in my inboxes (which I would normally clear) which I do not even bother reading for some days, simply picking out the important ones before deleting job lots.

Charities needing volunteers have invited me to get involved and I’d love to – but not online.

So what is the answer? Normally, I love to travel, see new places, and get out and about, but suddenly contentment is staying at home with a good book, feeling distinctly non-sociable. Good grief, I’ll be wearing slippers next.

Should I be doing something to liven myself up? Regain my joie de vivre? Or just go with the flow?

Maybe I simply need a change of scene. Or should I just hibernate until about March?

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