Covid deaths in SW care homes

A major report published yesterday by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) tells of the devastating impact of coronavirus on care home settings across the UK.

Now, a full set of figures showing the number of deaths registered as COVID-19 for each individual care home in the UK, from 10th April 2020 to March 31, 2021, has been published in one place.

The information is also compared with deaths in the wider community, whose data is taken from here. Obviously, some areas suffered a greater impact  from Covid at community-level than others. However, everyone, in every area of the UK was impacted, as care homes struggled to deal with the virus.

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In our SW area, the numbers of deaths involving Covid-19 within 28 days of the date of death are as follows:


In the first quarter, April – June, 2020, deaths related to Covid-19  notified to the CQC in the SW (which includes Bristol and Dorset) reached 1,333.

In the second quarter, July – Sept, 2020, the figure was 40, to be expected as numbers dropped during the summer, when lockdown also ended.

In the third quarter, Oct-Dec, 2020, the figure rose again to 1,566, so worse than at the start of the pandemic

In the fourth quarter, Jan-Mar, 2021, the figure rose still further to 3,302


Bear in mind that throughout the pandemic, numbers were low in Devon/Cornwall, so in our most local care homes which had Covid-related deaths, numbers were also small, though no less important. Every number is a person lost, and a family grieving.

Also, consider that homes are of different sizes, some with and some without nursing care (which tend to house more vulnerable residents, such as those needing dementia care).


Addison Park, Callington, Cornwall, 2

Appleby Lodge, Kelly Bray, Cornwall, 2

Belmont House Nursing Home, Bodmin, 1

Cedar Grange, Launceston, Cornwall, 3

Chyvarhas, Callington, 9

Deer Park, Holsworthy, Devon, 8

Hillsborough Residential Home, Callington, 4

Kenwith Castle, Bideford, Devon, 1

Kernow House, Launceston, 9

Pendrea House, Bodmin, 2

Pendruccombe House, Launceston, 1

Pen Inney House, Lewannick, Cornwall, 2

Southlands Court, Bridgerule, Devon, 1

Springfield House Residential Care Home, North Hill, 3

St Anne’s, Whitstone, Cornwall, 1

The White House Care Home, Bodmin, 1

Trewiston Lodge, Cornwall, 2


The CQC says that numbers of deaths notifications alone are not a reliable indicator of quality or safety in individual care homes. Some areas had lower numbers of deaths in the community, and numbers of deaths also varied depending on the quartile.

Obviously, in some parts of the country there were expressed concerns about poor availability and quality of PPE in the early period of Covid-19, and Covid patients being released from hospitals to nursing homes.

In the UK, overall, more than 39,000 care home residents died with the virus between 10 April 2020 and 31 March 2021.


The CQC said:

As we publish this data, we ask for consideration and respect to be shown to people living in care homes, to families who have been affected, and to the staff who have done everything they could, in incredibly difficult circumstances, to look after those in their care.

Kate Terroni, CQC’s Chief Inspector for Adult Social Care
She added in the press information:
The impact of the pandemic on people who draw on and work in adult social care services has been devastating and despite the best efforts of staff, COVID-19 has contributed to a significant increase in the number of deaths in nursing and residential care settings.

It is important to note that death notifications do not in themselves indicate poor quality care, particularly given the potential influence of variable factors, including rates of local community transmission, size of the care home, and the age and health and care needs of the people living there. Moreover, many notifications relate to the deaths of care home residents which occurred in other care settings.

Kate Terroni, CQC’s Chief Inspector for Adult Social Care, said: “In considering this data it is important to remember that every number represents a life lost – and families, friends and those who cared for them who are having to face the sadness and consequences of their death.






















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