Covid cases soar in Bude & Stratton

In the 7 days until 1st January, 2022, Covid cases in Bude hit the highest category again (but still below the England average), with 173 cases, a case rate of 1632.2 per 100,000. Poundstock & Kilkhampton figures were 75, a lower case rate of 985.0

Holworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe figures hit 126, a case rate of 1245.8, but Hartland Coast was lower at 43 (660.2).

Crackington & Tintagel numbers were on the up at 80 (1097.8) while Camelford sat at 81 (1126.1).

In total, Cornwall’s figures were 5824 (1011.9) and Devon’s were 8002 (987.0)

Deaths and hospital admissions seem low, but hospitals are under intense staffing pressures due to the spread of Covid.



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