Covid 19 testing – the reality

For many months now, I have been part of a research project into Covid 19, which involves daily reporting.

I have today been invited to take another test to help understand the level of infections in our area. Noting the shortage of testing available and not wishing to be a drain on resources, I nonetheless thought the researchers had invited me to take the test for a reason, so tried to book one. This was at 3.25 in the morning (couldn’t sleep) a time when I assumed demand would be low.

This was my result:

  1. Home testing kits – not available.
  2. Drive through test – 1 slot available at Haverfordwest. This is 239.5 miles away from me, and would take 4hrs 25 minutes to travel to (and the same back) for me.

I don’t believe I have Covid, and am not going to go to such lengths to take a test.

If I believed I did have it and felt ill, there would be no way I would travel so far for a test, which would potentially be dangerous – and would require a stop somewhere en route (meaning passing on the virus would also be a possibility).

Professor Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, feels we are at a ‘critical point’ in the pandemic as winter approaches and ‘heading in the wrong direction’ (899 new cases  and 18 Covid-related deaths reported in the UK on Sunday).

With the testing system in total disarray, and pledges broken, along with scandals such as the Dominic Cummings lockdown journey (do as I say, not as I do) all still very much in people’s minds, it seems we are being prepared for yet more restrictions in what is a failing system.

A further national lockdown has not been counted out, if people don’t ‘behave properly’. Blame has shifted to the population many of whom are behaving very responsibly (I count myself in that group).

We all need to be mindful of the virus, but it seems that the Government also needs to get its act together as currently testing, tracking and tracing all seems to be failing.



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