Country roads full of mud…

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Was checking something else on the Devon & Cornwall Police website and came across a page about mud on the road. Mud on our single track roads is the bane of my life, along with the water-laden ditches that often run alongside them. Not great for cars, but predominantly not great for walking. Every day when I walk the dogs, my shoes/boots are covered in mud. My coat and other clothing usually get splattered by mud. My floors are a continual mud mopping up exercise. It’s pretty anti-social stuff, this mud. It is also slippy and dangerous.

People say it is the price you pay for living in the beautiful countryside but, to be honest, I’ve visited lots of beautiful countryside where muddy roads are not an issue.

I used to think cities were dirty places, but rural areas beat them hands down.

The website says:

Devon and Cornwall Police urges all road users in its policing area, which consists of many rural roads, to take a responsible attitude to mud and other obstructions on the road and to be aware of the potential danger they pose.

Allowing soil or refuse from land next to a public highway to fall, be washed, or carried on to the road (or causing any other obstruction) could be an offence under the Highways Act 1980 sections 137, 148, 149, and 161. People who do so, including but not limited to farmers and builders, have a responsibility to take all reasonable care to clear up excessive amounts of mud or debris

This is a rural area and drivers of vulnerable vehicles such as motorcycles also need to be aware of the potential attendant hazards on rural roads and drive or ride defensively. Please visit Driving on country roads for more advice.

There’s more information here.

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