Counterfeit money circulating in parts of Cornwall

In a blow to Cornish businesses, police are currently investigating several reports of counterfeit money being used in and around the St Ives and St Austell areas. This is something which could easily spread east so shopkeepers and others business owners need to be alert.

Police are advising shopkeepers and business owners in west Cornwall to be on their guard after several instances of fake £50 Scottish notes being used in shops.

So far one serial number have been identified as being linked to these counterfeit £50 Scottish notes. The serial number is: BX342178.

Serial numbers on genuine banknotes are unique, so if you have a note carrying this number it is liable to be counterfeit. There may be other serial numbers linked to the batch of counterfeit notes.

They can be identified as counterfeit £50 Scottish notes by checking some of the key security features present in genuine notes.

For further information on how to check your banknotes are genuine, please see the following link

If you find one of the counterfeit £50 notes in your takings please contact police on 101 quoting reference CR/068437/20.

If you recognise one during a transaction, call the police on 999 immediately.

Counterfeit banknotes are normally removed from circulation very quickly, and represent a tiny proportion of the genuine banknotes in circulation.

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