Counselling That Won’t Break the Bank….

There are times in all our lives when some counselling can be useful, but for many people, access to free services is only via a GP, and private services are extremely expensive for the average purse. So, it is great news to hear that Barry Bendell, known already in Bude for his free meditation classes at Neetside, is now developing the opportunity to provide counselling to those in need. ‘Baz’ as he is known, is a fully qualified and experienced counsellor who seems to be on a mission to provide a service to others. When I interviewed Barry earlier this year, he explained that his free meditation classes were not totally altruistic, that he did indeed find deep personal reward and satisfaction through his work. Presumably, the counselling service is an extension of this.

So, Meditation Room is opening a new affordable counselling venue at the Neetside Centre in Bude. Do you need help with stress, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Depression, bereavement, relationship problems, etc? Are you an adult survivor of child sex abuse? Do you have problems with self-esteem or self-confidence? Check out what Neetside has to offer. Barry is a qualified and experienced counsellor who really cares about people, not about making a huge profit. There will be a clinic starting shortly and you can shortly book your appointment.

‘Baz’ has been well known as a counsellor in the Bude area and worked as a relationship counsellor for a national organisation for many years. Experienced and compassionate, he has worked really hard to make people’s lives happier. He will soon be available for one-to-one and couple consultations. Further details will soon be posted on the website:

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