Council urges dog owners to bag and bin it!

Cornwall Council is urging dog owners to bag and bin their dog poo as new figures reveal the extent of dog fouling in public places.

Latest figures show that from April-December 2018 a total of 429 reports of dog fouling were made to the Council’s Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service. That compares to 686 fouling service requests in 2017/18 and 872 reports in 2016/17. You will be pleased to know that Bude is not a poo hot spot.

Anyone who does not pick up after their dogs faces a fine of up to £1,000 or can receive a fixed penalty of £100 in order to discharge the offence.

Find out more about the Council’s work to combat dog fouling and view figures on dog fouling service requests by area

Cabinet portfolio holder for environment and public protection Sue James said: “Most dog owners act responsibly and clean up after their pets but unfortunately there are a minority who think it is okay to leave it to others to sort out.

“There are more than enough waste bins for dog owners to use and general waste bins can be used to dispose of bagged dog waste. If you’re in an area where there happen to be no bins, you should be taking waste home – there really is no excuse.”

Members of the public can report dog fouling incidences to the Council online 24/7. The Council’s Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service responds to and investigates complaints of dog fouling.

There are 30 officers with the Council’s Community Protection Team authorised to tackle fouling but there are a number of other officers, including some who are not uniformed, as well as police community support officers who can issue fixed penalties.

Since 2012 Cornwall Council has also provided DEFRA approved training to 80 town and parish council employees to enable and authorise them to issue dog fouling fixed penalty notices and help tackle the problem.

Cornwall Council’s Senior Environmental Health Officer Kevin Brader said: “Our message is clear – pick up your dog poo or risk a fine. Your laziness is anti-social, is a blight to our environment and poses a health risk to the public especially children.

“You can report dog fouling to the Council with information including the identity or description of the offender, their address or car registration number and the time of day that offence took place and this will help us to contact the offender directly.”

Councillor James issued a final word of warning: “Saying you didn’t see your dog foul is not a defence. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to do the right thing – bag it and bin it or take it home with you.”


  • Mike Blyth says:

    I walk regularly around the roads and paths around the great flat load, and the coastal paths and am disgusted at the amount of dog poo bags discarded, but to be fair there are no dog waste bins anywhere. Why? As a council, you can’t rely on people to take the bags home because when their dog fouls, they consider it to be not their responsibility; unfortunately, I do remember when dog waste bins were everywhere and I’m disappointed that they have been removed
    I firmly believe that the council should try to meet people halfway and lead by example and reintroduce dog waste bins, and its all very well to winge about cuts in the government’s funding but please lead by some example. On my last walk I counted 40 disagreed dog poo bags this is an issue that is now becoming a health issue and a blind eye should not be turned.

  • Jennifer Ahearne RVN says:

    I totally agree. no bins on Summerleaze beach when you walk down the canal, only one by the Castle. If your dog poos you have to carry it around for ages. Lots of poo by canal and I’m constantly warning my child when he’s walking as almost steps in it. No bin at Crooklets beach. No one wants to carry poo all day so if more bins around and perhaps bags for emergencies i.e.if they have blown off on occasion when really windy, the poo would be less of an issue. Also, where are the dog wardens? If their presence was felt people would be more responsible. Most people I see pick up. Sometimes their dog is behind and they don’t notice. There is no excuse though for leaving it everywhere, my child has walked it into the car and home – it’s disgusting.

  • Mark duncan says:

    Killerton road, Holnicote Road and Burns View, every morning children walk to school, and every morning without fail, we see fresh dog mess on the pavement. It is so inconsiderate as those people who allow their dogs to do this know exactly what they are doing, and as always the few ruin the reputation of the majority.

  • Carol Wint says:

    We live in Chippenham, Wiltshire where there are loads of dog poo bins which are emptied regularly. As a previous resident (hubby was born and brought up in Marhamchurch) and a frequent visitor to the area (our family live in the area), I have to say there is a distinct lack of dog poo bins in the whole Bude/Stratton area. What a pity that the solitary dog poo bin on Hillhead Estate, Stratton, was removed. Introduce/reinstate them then responsible dog owners will use them. By removing bins or not replacing them is not sending out the right message. Personally, we always pick up after our dog as stepping in dog poo and traipsing it home/work/school is gross.

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