Council agrees to recommend new levy

From Cornwall Council:

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet today agreed to recommend a new levy on commercial development, which will raise extra funds to pay for the facilities needed to help communities across Cornwall.

The Cabinet voted to recommend that the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is introduced, to apply to planning applications that are approved from 1 January 2019. The Levy will raise funds from new housing and commercial developments across Cornwall.

The money can be spent on a wide range of infrastructure projects to help communities address the impact of development in Cornwall. Developers will get certainty upfront information about the charges they will have to contribute to infrastructure and facilities to support the growth of communities.

The Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economy, Bob Egerton, said: “It is right that developers help to pay for the facilities that are needed as a result of their development of a piece of land. This levy on new developments will sit alongside existing contributions that developers are required to make, and help to deliver infrastructure where it is most needed, which is not always in the immediate area of the development.

“A proportion (15-25%) of the levy raised in a town or parish council area will be given back to that local council to use in a way that best serves the needs of their communities.

“The remainder of the money raised will be allocated to support projects across Cornwall. We will shortly be consulting town and parish councils on the most appropriate method for deciding which projects should be supported with CIL monies. A report will be coming to Cabinet later in the year with recommendations on how this should be done. Today’s proposal was just the first stage of a two-stage process.”

The recommendation on the charging rates will now be put to Full Council on 10 July.

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