Cornwall’s European Election results

The European Election results in Cornwall are as follows:


Brexit party 71,681
Liberal Democrats 34,845
Green 31,544
Conservative and Unionist 13,486
Labour 10,782
UKIP 6209
English Democrats 924
Change UK 4191
Independent Larch Maxey 148
Independent Mothiur Rahman 81
Independent Neville Seed 529

This mirrors national results. Across the UK, Farage’s anti-Europe Brexit Party took the lead (around 31% of votes) mainly by taking votes from the Conservatives and Labour. Next, in a rather polarised set of results, came the pro-Europe Lib Dems, achieving around 20%. Labour came in third at 14%, and the Conservatives (9%) came fifth behind the Greens (12%).

However, overall the share of the vote among the anti a second referendum parties was lower than those in favour of having one. Some of the highlights, if there are any,  my view are:

  1. Ann Widdecombe (elected) saying what a farce the elections were, that we should have had a clean Brexit. Does this mean she won’t turn up at the European Parliament? No, of course not.
  2. Annunziata, sister of Jacob Rees-Mogg who won a seat for the Brexit Party saying of her own brother: “I have no doubt he will be devastated at what has been done to his own party, the Conservatives.” Sibling rivalry?
  3. Tommy Robinson of the far-right English Defence League lost his deposit, blaming social media for his lack of success.
  4. UKIP has gone down the drain so we can forget them.
  5. The Environment is increasingly on the agenda as the Green Party picked up votes.
  6. Commentators believe that many roads now lead to a ‘Final Say’ vote.
  7. Despite all the wittering about the Referendum and democracy and a rise in turnout, it was still low. In the SW, we hit a glorious high of 40.5% but most places were lower than that. If most people do not vote, democratic arguments are pretty empty.
  8. Farage says he’d fight a General Election – he needs a few other policies first, though.
  9. Other countries in Europe are not showing a much prettier picture. The big centre blocs in the European Parliament have lost their combined majority. The liberals and Greens had a good night, while nationalists were victorious in Italy, France and the UK.

Anyway, as most people are now sick of the politicking, I’ll leave it here for now.


PS: if you have shares the value will have received quite a knock, what with Trump and China and all these shenanigans. Fingers crossed they recover.



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