Cornwall to receive more money for key services and infrastructure

North Cornwall MP Scott Mann has welcomed the news that Cornwall will benefit from an extra £16 million for key local public services and infrastructure projects.

Figures published by the Government show that Cornwall Council will get an extra £8m in core local government spending in 2018/19, including an additional £1.7m for social care and £1.5m for delivering rural services.

Cornwall has also been designated as a 100% Business Rates Retention pilot area, which means the council will keep all the money it collects in non-domestic rates. Previously, 50% would be sent to central government where it would then be redistributed nationally.

Welcoming the news, Scott Mann said:

“I welcome this boost in funding for Cornwall’s key public services. The Government recognises the pressure on our adult social care sector, and that’s why they have committed an extra £1.7m.


“The county will also receive millions in funding from the Rural Services Delivery Grant to help with delivering services around Cornwall, and this itself has increased by £1.5m. Providing services in rural areas costs more than in urban areas and I am pleased that the Government recognises this.


“It is now down to Cornwall Council to distribute this money around the county, and I hope they will do this wisely by investing in vital public services without little wastage.”


Total core spending power will equal £435.5m, including £1.7m within a new Adult Social Care Support Grant and £3.9m as part of the Rural Services Delivery Grant, which itself has increased by £1.5m.

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