Cornwall Council’s Charity of the Year

From Cornwall Council:

The Chairman of Cornwall Council has announced St Petrocs as her chosen charity for the year, which is great news given homelessness and deaths from homelessness are at high levels.

St Petrocs is committed to working to end street homelessness in Cornwall by providing accommodation, support, advice, training and resettlement services to single homeless people.

Founded 32 years ago, it now has more than 40 members of staff providing two resource centres, outreach and residential services across the whole of Cornwall.

Councillor Hilary Frank, Chairman of Cornwall Council, announced her decision to choose St Petrocs at the recent meeting of Full Council at Lys Kernow.

She explained to councillors that the work being done by the charity was vital.

Cllr Frank said: “All of us are born into circumstances beyond our choosing, and it is these background stories that stay with us and shape the rest of our lives. But they don’t have to dictate our lives.

“The power and freedom we have to shape our future depend on the support we can call on from those around us. For anyone facing homelessness, for whatever reason, there should be the care and support they need to help them. It is our moral duty that we get this right for the people of Cornwall.”

Steve Ellis Of St Petrocs And Cllr Hilary Frank

Steve Ellis of St Petrocs with Cllr Hilary Frank

Steve Ellis, Chief Executive of St Petrocs, said: “It is wonderful to have been chosen as the Chairman’s charity, it is something we were not expecting, and is a real boost for us.

“Meeting councillors today has been hugely valuable, they have been so supportive and so interested in the work we do.

“Our stated aim is to end homelessness in Cornwall, and that is achievable, especially with the support we are lucky to receive from Cornwall Council and the wider community.

“Contrary to the rest of the UK, the number of homeless people in Cornwall is falling, and this wonderful gesture from Hilary and other councillors will help us to continue our work.”


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