Cornwall Council to discuss a ban on trail hunting on its land

A petition from Action Against Foxhunting Cornwall, calling for Cornwall Council to ban trail hunt meets on council-owned and public land is set to be debated at County Hall next week. The petition had 10, 267 supporters. It is set to be debated by Cornwall councillors at their full council meeting which is being held on Tuesday.

The petition to Cornwall Council asking them to ban trail hunts, as have Peterborough and Cheshire, is on the agenda for the next full council meeting. This is on Tuesday the 18th of January. If you want to communicate with your local county councillor to get their view or to give them yours, you can do politely so here.

The petition stated:

Action against Foxhunting Cornwall note that in January 2019 Cornwall Council declared a Climate Emergency and pledged, amongst other commendable policies, to protect our wildlife for future generations. We would therefore request that the Council stand by this pledge and now ban all meets of Trail Hunts on public space and Council owned land.

It is widely documented by many wildlife protection volunteers that these hunts do not and have no intention of abiding by the law and do still train the hounds to follow animal-based scents. They state it is an accident when wildlife is harmed but even in that circumstance without the documented law breaking we simply cannot afford to lose any, as per all species foxes are estimated as having a 40+% decline in numbers (BBS survey mammal statistics).

The Western Hunt for example clearly state on their website they find it thrilling to chase a fox and are working hard to repeal the ban to allow them to do this legally; their ex-master Paul Oliver was found guilty of feeding live fox cubs to the hounds in Herefordshire.

These facts led to a ban being implemented by St Ives council on this particular hunt parading at the annual feast.

If Cornwall Council is serious about their promises then they surely can do no other than immediately ban these people from promoting this activity or it will only be seen, by the estimated 85% majority of the public that rightly oppose this, as the actual condoning of and colluding in further wildlife destruction and crime.



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