Cornwall Council to review disabled parking bays near people’s homes

Cornwall Council confirmed yesterday it will urgently review current policy for people with disabilities to pay for disabled parking spaces near their homes.

The Council has a scheme where blue badge holders who are residents of Cornwall may qualify for a disabled parking space near their home.

Currently, to provide a disabled parking space for a resident, the Council goes through a legal process to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order.  This involves public consultation and normally costs around £3,300.

Council Leader Adam Paynter said an urgent review of current policy had been called for.

“We have a responsibility to support people to have active lives in their local community, which is why I have asked for an urgent review. People with a disability should not be disadvantaged by a policy and our practice needs to be consistent with the rest of the country,” he said.

The Council will also be consulting with residents and disability groups in Cornwall to explore options and consider best practices used by other local authorities.

In the meantime, the Council has immediately suspended any further charges for individual disable people while the review is undertaken.

The findings of the review will come to Cabinet with the aim of completing the review for the start of the next financial year.

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal agreements which allow us or the police to enforce regulations including speed limits, on-street parking and one-way streets.

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