Cornwall Council opposes police merger

From Cornwall Council website:

In a letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Alison Hernandez, Cornwall Council has voiced its opposition to the proposed merger of Devon and Cornwall Police with the Dorset Police force.

The letter was sent on Tuesday 25 September, the day before Ms Hernandez publicly announced she is minded to oppose the merger of the two police forces.

Signed by Cornwall Council leader Adam Paynter and portfolio holder for environment and public protection Sue James, the letter raises ‘significant ongoing concerns’ about the impact any merger could have for residents of Cornwall.

It also says the Council has ‘severe reservations’ about the way the consultation into the proposed merger has been conducted, and that ‘very little evidence’ had published about any benefit’s to Cornwall’s residents.

The letter follows a cross-party debate by the Full Council on 11 September which led to a vote opposing the merger.

Cllr Paynter said: “The fact Ms Hernandez has listened to people’s concerns and is minded to opposed the merger is very welcome and I hope it goes some way to putting this matter to rest. Cornwall Council’s position is clear -we oppose this merger because we don’t think it is good for the people of Cornwall.

“There are too many unanswered questions, including a lack of transparency over how the Cornish policing precept would be spent in the future. There are fears funds could be focused on larger towns and cities in a wider force area and we don’t know what impact a merger would have on local policing in Cornwall.”

Cllr James said: “We don’t think this merger would benefit communities in Cornwall overall and there is too much we don’t know about the impact it would have. I believe many of the benefits put forward in the proposed merger could be achieved by the Police and the Council continuing to work collaboratively together, with fewer risks than merging the forces.”

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  • chris Walton says:

    This Government tries any way it can to save money by cutting essential services and spend just as much setting up departments to do studies which in the main are just common sense. Never once do they go after their “Masters” for funding, they just help them get richer!

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