Cornwall Council gives out a positive message …

As tourism begins again in Cornwall, bringing some areas back to much-needed  life, and hopefully helping to save many businesses, Cornwall Council has been putting out positive messages to business owners and visitors alike to help kickstart the local economy.

So, first of all, we are trying to be welcoming and reassuring again.

Although many local people remain fearful, as Cornwall has thankfully had low Covid-19 numbers so far, they are also largely realistic that we cannot live in a bubble forever, that a stricken economy will make life even worse for more people. Without tourists, many of the attractions and businesses we love will not be here next year. We should also bear in mind that many of us take holidays ourselves – we are all tourists somewhere at some time!

The Council has thanked business owners for working hard to make their premises safe for customers, and the businesses seem to have done an amazing job..

We have to remember that the next six weeks are crucial for many businesses to survive as they are trying to pack three months of their usual activity into a 6-7 week period (especially as we now know for sure that the schools are reopening in September).


People are being asked to ensure they have accommodation booked and to plan their breaks ahead, not just turn up for a spot of wild camping.

Meanwhile, after recent scenes in Dorset, visitors are being asked to avoid overcrowded places and try different beaches on those sunny days.

There remains advice on social distancing. Places like Bude have a one way pedestrianised system in place, too.

So, here’s hoping we have a safe, happy and prosperous summer.

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