Cornwall Council closes play area in Bude

Not a great time of year for this. Residents and visitors in Bude were surprised this week to see a sign on the Summerleaze beach Cornwall Council play area saying: “This play area is closed due to safety defects and unfortunately repairs are not possible”

Recently-retired Cornwall councillor Nigel Pearce says
“I’m very angry Cornwall Council have closed this play park and it’s not true that repairs are not possible.

It can be easily repaired and must be as Children love this play area including my own grandchildren when they visit me and my wife Jennifer.

I’ve written to Adam Paynter leader of Cornwall council asking for him to intervene and I hope he instructs his staff that the play area is repaired and made safe for children to enjoy as they have for many years in the past

A couple of years ago they tried to close it. We insisted they made repairs and they did. They also wanted to build beach huts on the play area but we insisted the play area remained
I don’t think it’s a coincidence Cornwall Council decided to close the play area only days after my retirement but they didn’t realise how passionately I feel about children’s play areas even if I’m no longer a Cornwall Councillor and I live very close to this one.”



  • Pat benson says:

    Well said Nigel. It’s made of wood! Of course it can be repaired. It’s great to have it there as it’s in shade later in day.

  • Jan Miller says:

    Will we be able to view the factual assessment of the expert employed to make the ‘unsafe’ judgement? What about the details of why it can not be made safe? While we’re at it, might we have an explanation as to why Cornwall Council is prepared to spend our money on Cornish language tuition when apparently and somewhat unfortunately the employees thereof can’t actually cope with English?

  • J Day says:

    We holiday in Bude twice a year at least, every year, and our son lives on this playground. Surely repairs are possible, it’s made of wood. And if cost is an issue perhaps Cornwall Council can use some of the fortune they make in car parking charges every summer!

  • jayne says:

    So Cornwall Council can find the money to award themselves pay rises, but they cant find the money to repair achildrens play area…shame on you Cornwall Council

  • Keith Kennard says:

    Well said Nigel. If it was Truro they’d do it.

  • Pam Newton says:

    How disgraceful, Cornwall Council can find the money to fill their own pockets but can’t find a few quid to fix this playground which quite frankly would probably take a day to do, as usual it doesn’t matter to them if it closes as long as their money keeps rolling in and laughingly they say it’s to pay for our services, what services? No toilets No bus services No library services No youth clubs No pensioners clubs and now NO playgrounds. Cornwall Council you are a shambles.

  • Naomi says:

    It forms part of not only the beach hut community but the community as a whole. By taking it away denys our children their memories.

  • Adam says:

    I have spoken to CCC and they denied knowing anything about it…. They blame the closure on the infamous Cormac. Still waiting for a call back from them… I won’t hold my breath! Mine and many others children use this play park all year long so please please keep this park open. #active #fun #memories

  • Nigel Pearce says:

    Thanks to everyone for objecting to Cornwall councils Summerleaze play area closure and your comments that I’m sure were read by the Council and influenced them to replace the equipment.

    Cornwall Council have given a verbal assurance to replace the play equipment at Summerleaze play area.

    If only they would consult with local people instead of closing play areas without warning and it was no coincidence they closed this one only days after my resignation thinking there wouldn’t be any objections.

    Thanks to everyone at Bude and Beyond and Dawn for your support.

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