Cornwall Council asks people to stay safe after 19th

From Cornwall Council:

While compulsory Covid restrictions are set to be lifted on Monday, 19 July, the message from national government is that the pandemic is not over yet.

The Council and Cornwall’s Public Health team are joining the government in urging us all to be responsible, be respectful and make safe choices – for our own sake and out of consideration for others.

👉 Continue to wear face coverings in crowded and confined spaces.

👉 Respect any rules individual shops and businesses put in place for the safety and peace of mind of their staff and customers.

👉 When travelling by bus, train or taxi, wear a face covering to protect you and others and try to avoid busy times.

👉 Get vaccinated – both jabs!

👉 Test twice a week at home with a lateral flow test.

👉 Wash your hands or use sanitiser regularly.

👉 Meet others outdoors where possible or keep windows open indoors.

For full info, check the Government website.

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