Cornwall Council approves plans to be greener and more inclusive

From Cornwall Council:

Ambitious plans for the future of Cornwall have been approved after a full meeting of Cornwall Council today.

The meeting, held virtually in light of the current Covid restrictions, also saw the Harbours Board Annual Report and free school meals and child poverty discussed.

The plans to shape the next thirty years in Cornwall, entitled Gyllyn Warbarth: Together We Can. The Cornwall Plan 2020-2050, were drawn up after one of the largest consultation exercises in the authority’s history.

It commits to creating a cleaner, greener, fairer and more inclusive Cornwall, with key goals including becoming plastic-free and carbon-neutral, ending street homelessness and a real living wage for every job.

Introducing the proposals, Cllr Julian German, leader of Cornwall Council, told colleagues: “I am proud at the depth and breadth of the listening that we have done, which combines with our knowledge, to bring forward Gyllyn Warbarth.

“Personally, I heard first-hand from people across Cornwall in our livestreamed discussion event; I heard from black, Asian and minority ethnic residents in a roundtable discussion; and I heard from people who took part in our focus group with the LGBTQI+ community in Cornwall.

“I have digested all of the feedback we have received through our multiple communication channels.

“We have reached out across the whole of our communities, and I am proud that we have made particular effort to hear from those who feel that they do not have a voice, and we will ensure that these are ongoing dialogues.”

The plan was approved by the council, and will now form the clear strategic direction for the council.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr German said:  “I am proud of the The Cornwall Plan and am delighted to see it approved by the full council.

“We carried out a huge consultation exercise to ensure that we were truly reflecting the views of our residents.

“Thanks to this, we have proposals that are directly aligned with the priorities of our people, including the battle against climate change, the need to protect and enhance our culture and the desire to create a fairer and more inclusive society.

“My thanks go to the team that organised such a wide-reaching consultation, and I am confident this will make a hugely positive difference for Cornwall in the years to come.”

Cllr German added:  “I would just like to say thank you to the team who make these virtual meetings possible.  It is not the ideal way for us to meet but enables us to carry on with our vital democratic work during such testing times.”

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