Cornwall businesses urged to get brexit-ready

Guidance for businesses on how to prepare for trading in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit has been released today by Cornwall Council, the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, and the Federation of Small Businesses.

Based on the Government’s guidance on how to prepare your business if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the 15-page guide summarises key information on how to prepare for possible new trading arrangements.

The leader of Cornwall Council, Adam Paynter, said: “With the ongoing uncertainty from the Government, we know a lot of our business owners are concerned about what a possible no deal Brexit will mean for them. We’ve turned some of Government’s information into a short guide to help businesses navigate their way through a no-deal scenario.”

As well as detailing issues for importing and exporting, the guide prompts businesses to consider a range of other issues, from transfers of personal data to trademarks, copyright and product labelling.

Ann Vandermeulen, Development Manager for FSB Cornwall, said: “No matter how small a business is, it is vital that support is available through these difficult times and that everyone can prepare in order to protect livelihoods, communities and our local economy.

“As a business owner, you may not yet be aware of all of the ways a no deal Brexit may affect you – we urge all of you to read this helpful toolkit to try and gain some insight. In these uncertain times, it’s better to be safe than sorry and whilst businesses are resilient and flexible, we are warning them not to be complacent. We commend Cornwall Council for leading this collaboration with ourselves and the Chamber of Commerce to assist our valuable business community and we recommend that all businesses take note.”

Kim Conchie, Chief Executive Officer of Chamber of Commerce, said: “It is really important for businesses in the South West to understand how they may be affected by Brexit as the date to exit the EU gets closer. Even if you think your business will not be immediately affected, it is important to understand changes in trade laws and the way in which we will trade with the EU in the future. I would urge anyone in business to read this helpful guide put together by Cornwall Council, to help with your business planning in the short term.”

Businesses are also encouraged to consider what steps they can take to help their employees to apply for settlement through the EU Settlement Scheme, using Government’s employer toolkit. This week, the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Leadership Board also underlined the importance of EU nationals to the local economy and encouraged them to apply to the scheme in an open letter.

The guidance can be found on Cornwall Council’s website at, which also signposts businesses to further information and support.

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