Cornish MPS meet NHS to discuss radiotherapy services

Cornwall’s MPs meet with NHS England representatives in Parliament to discuss radiotherapy services.

Cornwall’s MPs have met with NHS England representatives in Westminster to discuss the future of radiotherapy services and modernisation proposals.

NHS England launched a public consultation in October 2017 called ‘Modernising radiotherapy services in England’, which proposes new radiotherapy networks to encourage more collaborative working between clinicians and radiotherapy service providers. The proposals will build on an investment of £130 million to replace equipment and invest in new treatment planning systems.

The meeting between local MPs and NHS England comes after concerns were raised about how a change to radiotherapy services may impact cancer patients in Cornwall, potentially leading to longer travel times.

At the meeting, NHS England assured MPs that the proposals will not see services being moved out of Cornwall and that responses from local residents will help shape the proposals. The main proposal is to implement eleven new Radiotherapy Networks which will have more joined-up working between radiotherapy providers and introduce a new clinical model to ensure that patients can access innovative treatments as close to home as possible.

The consultation received over 11,000 responses, the vast majority of which came from Devon and Cornwall. The higher than expected number of responses means that NHS England will need more time to review them and build the feedback into the proposals, which will be made public in the summer.


Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, said:


“There’s been a very big response from Cornwall residents on this proposal and it’s absolutely right that their views are taken into account before new Radiotherapy Networks are put in place.

“There is no suggestion in NHS England’s proposals that radiotherapy treatments in Cornwall will move, and NHS England has assured me that their plan is about encouraging more joined-up working across the board to achieve better outcomes for patients.

“NHS England recognised our concerns about travel times, and the feedback from Cornwall’s MPs and the thousands of people who responded to the consultation will shape the proposals before they are brought forward again in the summer.”

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