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Bude & Beyond is always open to contributor posts in any of our appropriate sections: Local (Bude), Devon, Magazine (general) and Local History. Please submit using the submit your news or events buttons. We are very happy to take stories, news, events, opinion pieces, photos, etc.

Rosie's Special Hot Chocolate

Rosie’s Special Hot Chocolate – thanks to Rosie’s for sponsoring Bude & Beyond

Advertising guidelines.

We have some amazing, invaluable sponsoring advertisers who contribute financially towards the upkeep of Bude & Beyond, but occasionally others want to promote their businesses. This is ok once or twice when people are starting out, as we like to support all local businesses, but you need to provide a story or some news, and a photo. Just telling us you exist is not really enough. There needs to be a story and an image; it requires a little effort on your part. In the interests of fairness, epeated advertising from non-sponsors will not be used.

We receive lots of requests, due to the amount of traffic on our site, for links to betting sites and loan sites. Sometimes Bude & Beyond is offered money for these. As tempting as money always is, we do not promote betting or high-interest loans on the site, so please don’t ask. The answer is always no.



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