Connect Bude urges action to help combat climate change

From Connect Bude:
Given the obvious global nature of climate change, the issues can sometimes seem so overwhelming that it is hard to think of simple actions we can take locally to make a positive difference here in Bude and Holsworthy.
One way is to support Connect Bude, the 340 strong group that is campaigning to reinstate the rail line towards Bude. New developments in rail travel and rolling stock make it by far the greenest way to get around so if you want to do something positive to reduce our town’s carbon footprint, then join Connect Bude and help us make the case to demand better, cleaner and greener connectivity by public transport. 
With the new Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, repeatedly stating that he wants to ‘reverse the Beeching cuts’ it is likely that the communities that shout the loudest across the UK will get their lines reinstated.
Let’s shout loud and make our voices heard. Connect Bude is setting up a new Events Action Group to focus on garnering support and handing out leaflets at local events throughout the year.
The first short meeting is at 11am on Sat 22 Feb at The T.I.C in Bude. All are welcome and especially young people. This is the perfect opportunity to take positive action to fight climate change. 

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